Rat Pack


Rat fans rejoice! The Sharpe Company have managed to gain the rights to legendary 80’s rodent Roland Rat and are looking to license the character to any willing developers or publishers.

Ideal scenario: Blizzard make an MMORPG for PC and consoles, involving countless clones of Roland Rat, Errol the Hamster and Kevin the Gerbil running riot in the TV:AM studios.

Most likely scenario: Blast Entertainment, Midas Interactive or Zoo make either a half-arsed 3D platformer for the Wii or a collection of shoddy mini-games for the DS.

If somebody takes them up on their offer then they won’t be the first to make a game featuring Roland – Ocean released Roland’s Rat Race on Commodore 64 and Spectrum back in 1985. It was a bit rubbish.

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