Kirby Sucks

This Week’s Games

Xbox 360 owners might be jealous that Katamari Forever is released on PlayStation 3 this week but they really shouldn’t feel green – they’ve already had an exclusive Katamari game in the form of Beautiful Katamari. Game are asking a stupid £44.99 for Katamari Forever but it’s available for a lot less if you shop around. How does £19.95 sound?

If pushing around a giant ball sounds a bit too oddball for you, then you might be interested to hear that Need for Speed: Shift is apparently very good. Yes, really – the average review score currently clocking in at 84%. It’s out on PlayStation 3, PSP and Xbox 360 this week with the Wii and DS getting their own Need for Speed, subtitled Nitro, later in the year. If you own a PSP and NFS: Shift doesn’t take your fancy then MotorStorm: Arctic Edge is out now too.

Heroes Over Europe has been knocking around on the release lists for months but is finally out this week, as is the Max Payne / Stranglehold alike WET. Reviews have been pretty average for that one. Reviews of Raven Squad haven’t been good either.

Spectrobes Origins on Wii could be a big seller, as could DJ Star on DS which has beaten Activison’s DJ Hero out of the door. Kirby Superstar is also out on DS. It’s a remake of the old SNES Kirby game, with extra stuff and shiny new visuals and that.

Next week: Halo 3: ODST, Formula 1 2009, King of Fighters XII, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, MySims Agents, Spyborgs, Guilty Gear II: Overture, Dead Space Extraction and Cross Edge.

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