The Joker is wild

This Week’s Games

Batman: Arkham Asylum, then. Not only is it the best Batman game ever, but also one of the best games ever. The only bad word I’ve heard about it is that the boss battles are a bit dull. Will it be #1 next week? I would have thought so seeing there hasn’t been any big releases for ages.

Batman is the only PlayStation 3 release this week, but on Xbox 360 this week there’s Fallout 3 Add on Pack 2 (containing Broken Steel and Point Lookout) and also Infernal: Hells Vengeance which is apparently awful. So don’t be tempted by the cheap price tag. Another one to avoid is ancient light-gun shooter Mad Dog McCree on Wii. It wasn’t much cop back in the early 90s.

Game claims that there are 7 new DS games out as well, but the only ones that are worth mentioning seem to be Namco’s Go Go Cosmo Cops! and Puzzle Bobble Galaxy.

Next week: Metroid Prime Trilogy, Cursed Mountain, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Section 8, IL2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey and the two year old Guilty Gear II: Overture.

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