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UK Charts

The top 10 chart has had a shuffle. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is now #1, pushing Fight Night Round 4optical amplifier to #2. Harry Potter and the Overblown Special Effects Budget (or whatever it’s called) is up from #10 to #4 while Call of Duty 4 is back in the top 10 at #9 up from #12. It’s selling better than Call of Duty: World at War, currently at #15, oddly enough.

The Conduit has managed to do what Boom Blox 2 and Punch Out couldn’t – get into the top 40. It’s in at #29, above new entries Ice Age 3 – which goes in at #31 – and Transfomers: Autobots on DS at #34.

Buzz! Master Quiz on PSP buzzes in at #27, presumably because it’s £2.99 at Argos. That makes two PSP games in the chart, with the other being Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite at #38.

Matt Gander

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