What, no horse armour?

This Week’s Games

The summer is here! Or at least, it is if this week’s rather slim looking release list is to go by.

If you can stomach the clichéd sci-fi setting then The Conduit on Wii might be up your alley. Reviews have been around the 7 mark. Unless you read EDGE, who gave it a 4. There’s a special edition doing the rounds, with a tips guide and various unlockable extras.

On Xbox 360 there’s the Oblivion and Bioshock Double Pack. £24.99 gets you both games, but not the Oblivion expansion packs that were included in the GOTY edition it would seem.

Then on PSP there’s Pro Cycling Manager 2009 which is bound to sell literary dozens of copies. And that’s your lot for this week.

Next week: Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward, Line Rider: Freestyle, The Bigs 2 and Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree. Eh?

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