Virtually Yours

If you have an occasional look around the Wii’s Virtual Console section then the Hanabi Festival may ring a bell with you. Nintendo have held a few of these in the past, during which a handful of games that were never released outside of certain countries spring up to download.

They’re at it again this month and it’s a right old mixed bag with highlights including Orge Battle (SNES), Pulseman (Mega Drive), Detana Twin Bee (Turbografx) and Star Tropics II (NES). The other four are Bomberman ’94 (Turbografx), Kirby Dream Land 3 (SNES), Smash Table Tennis (NES) and shoot’em up MUSHA (Mega Drive).

No Nintendo 64 games this time round it would seem, but seeing that Sin & Punishment cost an absurd 1200 Wii Points (200 more than Nintendo 64 games usually cost) it’s not an entirely bad thing.

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