Why release a horrible looking PSP?

This Week’s Games

Two games out this week scream big sales at me: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

There aren’t many reviews of EA’s latest Potter efforts yet, but the pattern seems to be: console versions reasonable, handheld versions not. Needless to say, it looks like yet another quality outing for that man Tiger Woods.

A vibrant blue PSP is a curious release, given the relative imminence of the UMD-less version. Plus it looks foul.

Back on the software: there’s the well-received wild-west-athon Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; intriguing astronaut trainer Space Camp for Wii and DS; the apparently rather good DS FPS Moon.

This week’s presumably pointless DS releases are Astrology, Drama Queens and Classic Word Games.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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  • Call of Juarez has been advertised on TV loads so it might do alright in the chart next week. The advert has a Chemical Brothers track on it, which is odd seeing it’s a cowboy game!

    Raving cowboys!

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