GAME are shits

A few weeks back I pre-ordered Transformers 2 (on Xbox 360, if you’re wondering) from GAME for a nice £29.99. On Monday I got an e-mail saying that the order was being processed. Today (Wednesday) I get an e-mail from them saying that the order “cannot be fulfilled on this occasion” and that I’d have to re-order.

My knee-jerk reaction was that they couldn’t take payment from my card, so I called my bank – GAME hadn’t even tried to take a payment. I then phoned GAME, who after putting me on hold for ages, tell me that it was cancelled due the order failing a “security check”. I pointed out that the Transformers 2 is now showing at £39.99 on their site and asked if re-ordered could I get it for the original £29.99 asking price. Their answer? A rather abrupt “no”.

Screw that. GAME can kiss my arse if they think they’re going to get an extra tenner out of me just because of some failed “security check”. The lady on the phone couldn’t even tell me any more information on what this check entails. I reckon they just didn’t want it to go through at the cheaper price.

HMV or Blockbusters can have my money instead. Or maybe Morrisons, who seem to have some decent prices on games now and then.

Matt Gander

Matt is Games Asylum's most prolific writer, having produced a non-stop stream of articles since 2001. A retro collector and bargain hunter, his knowledge has been found in the pages of tree-based publication Retro Gamer.

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  • Can’t believe you’re still buying from them. Their service has always been terrible, and their after-sales is even worse. I went to return a game there that wasn’t booting, and they tried to tell me I scratched it, even though there were no scratches on the disk. When I started complaining, the manager called over a security guard and said “I don’t like this guy’s attitude, get him out of here”. I had to write to the head office to get it sorted, and even that came in the form of a voucher months after I wanted the game. Liffey Vally branch, in case you’re wondering.

  • GAME used to be (2/3 years ago) a preety decent place…. Then they stopped price matching and really tightened up their returns policy. This made them pretty much as god awful as Currys or most other places but, like most people, I still shopped there.
    I returned a PSP that had a small cluster of dead pixels. I’d had it about a week and didn’t think there’d be any problem….. Yep, there was indeed a problem and I was subjected to waiting 20 minutes or so whilst the manager squinted at the screen, rubbed it with his tie and scratched his head; he turned in a most wonderful ‘company man’ performance. I had all the usual crap about what they consider a fault and what they don’t. I flat out demanded a new one and didn’t leave until I got one.
    Needless to say, I have not been to GAME for ages and my aim is to not do so. Sure, I got what I wanted but is it worth the humiliation and knowledge that every time you walk through their garish doors, you’re just supporting another highstreet tyrant?
    The really odd thing about it all is that Gamestation (GAME owned) seem to be far more ethical.

  • I’ve never had trouble with game, i pre-ordered Operation Flashpoint 2 for £34.99 and when the price went up to £40 they informed me of it and said that i would not have to pay the extra amount. Your just very unlucky. It wouldn’t normally happen.

  • Yeh, I’m a bit bemused too why Matt’s buying from Game. Though I know he’ll buy from any shop that has a perceived bargain, so fair enough.

  • Why don’t you just buy from You’ll pretty much always get either the best, or a very good price. Or go to Asda. They tend to do brand new releases for around £37 or £38. If not less.

    I won’t buy from Game because they are never competitive enough. I don’t understand how they’re still in business when you can usually get games (at least) £10 cheaper at local supermarkets.

  • Hi, i live in Italy, time a go i have buy a game, i have waited 2 months for recive it…………… no words

    But my big question is…. WHY U BUY TRANSFORMER 2????? this is the real shit :D

  • I recommend using as they always provide an excellent (and free) delivery service where they will refund you some of the money if the order is late. Alternatively use either amazon or since they are pretty reliable.

    I generally stick with these three sites and compare which is the cheapest but more often than not will use for new releases since I know it will arrive on the day of release or earlier. A good example of their service is that a couple of weeks ago I ordered Infamous from them on a Friday at around 4pm and recieved it in the mail at midday the next day.

  • They are complete rip-offs! I bought a pre-owned memory stick once, found my old one and then tried to refund it. They said ‘we don’t know if that memory stick that you’re trying to refund is the same one that was puchased’. I said that’s you’re problem, you didn’t sell it in any kind of packaging…..After a long argument, I ended up trading it in for 2 quid!

    And also when I bought my PS3 and traded in the brand new Fight Night Round 3 that came bundled with it for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I really don’t believe that it was put on the pre-owned shelf, as it legally should have been.

    These are only 2 of the dozens stories I have.

    They are truly unethical.

  • I used to use Amazon but now I use Game via Quidco and have been doing so at least twice a month for over a year. I get 5% cash pack on pre orders with quidco, I get my game reward points and recently I used a £3 off weekend voucher code on all my pre orders so I will be getting games like Modern Warfare 2 for £36.99 plus cash back and plus reward points. I have had all my Game deliveries a whole day early on pre orders with the exception of one which came on the friday it was due and I have never paid delivery to get that service either.

  • I had a similar problem at GAME, I bought a nintendo DS, bought their insurance cover, the screen was dead. Went back to return it, and had to wait for at least 30 min where they kept saying that they can’t return it etc.

    FUCK GAME. Go to HMV, things might be more expensive, but their service is so much better.

    Better yet, just go to or amazon.

  • I’m not a GAME loyalist – this is only the second time this year that i’ve used them. The first was for Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection which arrived a day before release. Like Adam said, I just use who’s cheapest. In this case, it was GAME.

    GAME used to be a gaming mecca, full of bargain pre-owned games and the like. Now it’s a place for mums, confused grandparents and 12 year old girls to go and buy their DS and Wii games from.

    “So…” – GAME did inform me by e-mail that the price had gone up and that they’d still sell it for the original £29.99 price. Then they canceled my order and said i’d have to pay £39.99 when I re-order. They went back on their word and the lady on the phone sounded like she couldn’t care less. This is what fucked me off and made me write this article.

    Max – Reviews for Transformers 2 haven’t been glowing, but they’ve been far from shit. I’ve even seen a few 8/10s. I doubt it’s that good, but probably better than most movie tie-ins seeing that Luxoflux (the Vigilante 8) people are behind it.

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