GAME are shits

A few weeks back I pre-ordered Transformers 2 (on Xbox 360, if you’re wondering) from GAME for a nice £29.99. On Monday I got an e-mail saying that the order was being processed. Today (Wednesday) I get an e-mail from them saying that the order “cannot be fulfilled on this occasion” and that I’d have to re-order.

My knee-jerk reaction was that they couldn’t take payment from my card, so I called my bank – GAME hadn’t even tried to take a payment. I then phoned GAME, who after putting me on hold for ages, tell me that it was cancelled due the order failing a “security check”. I pointed out that the Transformers 2 is now showing at £39.99 on their site and asked if re-ordered could I get it for the original £29.99 asking price. Their answer? A rather abrupt “no”.

Screw that. GAME can kiss my arse if they think they’re going to get an extra tenner out of me just because of some failed “security check”. The lady on the phone couldn’t even tell me any more information on what this check entails. I reckon they just didn’t want it to go through at the cheaper price.

HMV or Blockbusters can have my money instead. Or maybe Morrisons, who seem to have some decent prices on games now and then.

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