Ghostbusters goes forth (fourth)

UK Charts

Ghostbusters: The Video Game hasn’t been able to shove Prototype and The Sims 3 from the top two positions of the chart. It makes you wonder – if it had been released on all formats at once as planned then maybe would gone straight to #1? Instead it settles for #4, under Wii Fit. In the single formats Ghostbusters goes in at #1 in the PlayStation 3 chart and a somewhat bizarre #5 in the PlayStation 2 chart under the likes of Ben 10 and FIFA 09.

The only other new entry in the chart is PC thing Arma II at #19. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is doing a bit better in its second week of release though, up from #32 to #13. In the PSP chart Rock Band Unplugged plugs in at #3 while in the Wii chart Sega’s Let’s Tap goes in at a respectable #14. It has even managed to outsell MySims Racing which goes in at #16. Now there’s a thing.

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