Buy one Tom Clancy, get another Tom Clancy free

The jury is still out if the Xbox 360-exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction is going to be any good or not. With over two years of development behind it, it should be nothing short of brilliant. But then again, the amount of delays that it’s had is more than worrying. Even if it does turn out to be pap then Game’s rather nifty pre-order deal should soften the blow.

According to an advert in 360 Gamer magazine this month (the deal isn’t on Game’s website yet) when you pre-order you get a comic book, bonus DVD and – now this is the good bit – a code to download Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for free. Seeing that Xbox Originals cost something stupid like £10.60 to download that isn’t a bad freebie.

There will also be a limited edition version with a Sam Fisher figurine, that you’ll no doubt look at once then stick on your game shelf to collect dust.

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