Indy fails to whip up the chart

UK Charts

Prototype fails to knock The Sims 3 off the top of this week’s top 40 chart, having to settle for #2 instead. Red Faction: Guerrila moves down to #3 followed by Wii Fit and UFC: Undisputed. Call of Duty: World at War is back up from #16 to #7 while iNfamous drops from #6 to #9. The rubbish Terminator Salvation is now out of the top 10, going from #10 to #16. Thank flip for that.

Grand Slam Tennis is the next new entry at #13, followed by Indiana Jones and The Staff of Kings at a rather low #32. Walk With Me on DS walks in at #39. Fuel is the biggest faller this week going from #12 to #24. And as noted last week, Resident Evil 5 has now left the top 40 entirely.

It looks like it’s the Wii version of Indiana Jones that’s the most popular – it’s in at #8 in the Wii chart, outselling Punch Out!! and Boom Blox 2: Bash Party which are at #16 and #14 respectively.

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