Guerrillas in the mist

This Week’s Games

THQ are full of surprises – Saints Row 2 was a decent alternative to GTA IV and if the reviews are to go by then Red Faction Guerrilla can hold its weight against any other FPS you care to mention. Codemaster’s Fuel – which looks a lot like Pure – is also out and fans of Japanese RPGs are catered for too with Star Ocean: The Last Hope hitting Xbox 360 and Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of the Metafalica on PlayStation 2.

Just two games for Wii this weekJillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The GameCube version was very underrated. Deep Silver are releasing Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, even though the first one never made it to consoles. Nearly every review I’ve read has given it 6/10.

If you thought Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 was a stupidly long title then get your tongue round this one – Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine? It’s by Nintendo for the DS and comes with an “Activity Meter”. I think that’s just a fancy name for a pedometer.

If you’re thinking of buying either a DS Lite or PSP then these two new bundles might take your fancy – DS Lite: Professor Layton Pack and the PSP 3000 Go View Pack. Personally I’d hold out for a PSP Go or fork out the extra for a DSi.

Next week: Prototype, EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (with Wii MotionPlus), Superstars V8 Racing, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Hail to the Chimp and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

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