Monthly Archives: June 2009

Wired for Sound

The Conduit on Wii provoked mixed reactions when it was first announced. US videogame sites wet their pants over it while UK sites (not to mention NGamer Magazine, who compared the level design to Doom 64) were less than enthusiastic. Early reviews...
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GAME are shits

A few weeks back I pre-ordered Transformers 2 (on Xbox 360, if you’re wondering) from GAME for a nice £29.99. On Monday I got an e-mail saying that the order was being processed. Today (Wednesday) I get an e-mail from them saying...
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Someone buy Midway Newcastle

British games developer Midway Newcastle (hello Steven Pick) is in a bit of a pickle. Whilst Midway are being bought up by Warner Bros, the little Newcastle studio hasn’t been included in the deal, leaving it with just two weeks to find...
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