There aint no party like a Boom Blox Bash Party

This Week’s Games

PlayStation 3-exclusive iNfamous, from Sly Racoon developers Sucker Punch, has been getting solid although not quite glowing reviews. GamesRadar gave it a 7, complaining that the city isn’t much fun to explore and that the last half of the game drags. They didn’t think much of Terminator Salvation either, giving it a 6 and citing the “repetitive set-pieces and on-rails sections” as downfalls. That said, a 6 isn’t bad as far as movie tie-ins go.

Boom Blox Bash Party on Wii – the box for which resembles a Mega CD game – looks like a decent sequel, adding space and underwater worlds and new modes and blocks. Guitar Hero: Metallica is also out this week on Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Reviews have been jolly good, as Metallica themselves probably wouldn’t say.

If none of those take your fancy then there’s SBK 09, which stands for Super Bike Championship and not Snowboard Kids, on PlayStation 2 (yes, PlayStation 2), PSP, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. I’m guessing that Virtual Tennis 2009 is worth a look too. There has never been a bad Virtual Tennis game.

Next Week: Red Faction Guerrilla, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, ICO Soccer and Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine? Well, do you?

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