This Week’s Games

Up for a ruck? Well you’re in luck this week – Punch Out on Wii and UFC: Undisputed have both been getting good reviews, and are now out to buy. If punching virtual humans isn’t your thing and would rather harm dubious looking critters instead then there’s always Pokemon Platinum, a director’s cut of sorts of the last proper DS Pokemon game.

Ben Stiller’em up Night at the Museum 2 has been getting mixed reviews – IGN liked it, heralding it to be one of the better kid’s licensed games before giving it a solid 7.5 but NGamer Magazine on the other hand gave it a kicking and 35%. The average review score is currently 59% for the Wii version and 51% for the Xbox 360 version, going by GameRankings. Somewhere between the NGamer and IGN scores, then.

Another game getting mixed reactions is Capcom’s Bionic Commando. It seems that the bionic arm is hard to control at first, but good fun (you can throw cars!) when you get used to it. GamesRadar gave it an 8, while Retro Gamer dished out 85%. I can’t see it being as popular as Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV though.

Next week: InFamous, Boom Blox: Bash Party, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Terminator Salvation, SBK 09, Aqua Panic and Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of the Metafalica. Which is obviously an RPG.

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