Dance Party and Dance Party and Dance Party

This Week’s Games

Dance mats went out of fashion years ago but somebody obviously forgot to tell Noridic Games. They’re releasing Dance Party: Club Hits and Dance Party: Pop Hits on PlayStation 2 and Wii this week, both available with or without a mat to boogie on.

There are more interesting things out to spend your pennies on, fortunately. On Xbox 360 there’s Left 4 Dead: Game of the Year Edition, which includes the survival pack. It’s sadly still full price though. The apparently average Velvet Assassin also makes it out on Xbox 360.

Wii and DS get point and click adventure sequel Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis, while on DS there’s something called Aqua Panic. It looks like a revamp of the well-received Downstream Panic on PSP, which Atari didn’t release over here. There’s a Wii version due out soon too it would seem.

Next week: Battlestations Pacific, Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade (pre-order for £17.99 at, Rock Revolution and Sports Island 2.

Matt Gander

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