People are still buying Carnival: Funfair Games

UK Chart

Last week was a dull one for new releases, so consequently there are no new entries in the top 40 chart this week. The top 10 is also largely unchanged, you boring sods. Wii Fit is #1 for the twelfth week (but only the third week running), followed by EA’s big bad Don The Godfather II at #2 and FIFA 09 at #3. Carnival: Funfair Games is back in the top 10, up from #16 to #10. People must really like shooting plastic ducks.

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party has been advertised heavily on TV recently, helping it rise up from #21 to #15. Sega Mega Drive Collection is also back on the rise up from #36 to #25. I’m guessing that’s because Sega has finally got round to publishing more copies.

Halo Wars has dropped out, as predicted in last week’s chart. It looks like Wanted: Weapons of Fate will soon be joining it, currently hanging on at #40. You might say it’s not wanted after all…

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