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This Week’s Games

Two games that have been knocking around on the release schedules for eons are finally out today. Recommended DS FPS Dementium has seen a change of publisher while the delay behind CID: The Dummy (which stands for Crash Impact Dummy: The Dummy, oddly) is a bit of a mystery. I reckon it might be because Oxygen wanted a Wii version as well as PlayStation 2 and PSP ones.

The only thing out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this week is Rock Band Song Pack 2. For a rare change it’s actually the PSP that has the most releases, with the likes of Phantasy Star Portable, Mytran Wars and Dragonball Evolution. The last is based on the “live action” movie and been getting rubbish reviews. It didn’t even sell well in Japan, the only country where PSP games shift in decent numbers.

On Wii there’s the balance-board compatible Skate City Heroes. It looks uncannily like a game that the lovely Midas Interactive published on PSP last year. So, yeah, avoid.

Next week: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Little King’s Story, Moto GP 08, Pikmin 2, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and Dance Party.

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