Oh God

This Week’s Games

Fancy a new game to play while munching on Easter eggs this weekend? Sadly your choices are limited at best. On PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 just one game makes it way to shelves – The Godfather II. Eurogamer didn’t really like it, giving it a 4. It’s probably best to wait for Take 2’s Mafia II. The original was better than the first Godfather.

If you’re a PSP owner feeling the pinch there are three double packs out, two from Konami (both featuring Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops) and a Tomb Raider double pack. On Wii there’s two more music games – We Rock: Drum King and Ultimate Band, while on DS there’s the curiously titled Love is in Bloom. I’m betting it isn’t a first person shooter.

Next Week: Dementium, Dragonball Evolution, Phantasy Star Portable, Skate City Heroes and CID: The Dummy.

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