Mr. Couch Potato Head

Hasbro Family Game Night appearing on Xbox Live Arcade isn’t the type of thing you’d expect to see mentioned on these hallowed pages. At least, it wouldn’t be if it were a straight-laced conversion of last year’s Wii / PS2 versions.

Visually it’s the same but on Xbox Live Arcade the hub itself – and a handful of themes – are free to download, leaving you able to choose what virtual board games to download yourself. There’s also one extra game (Scrabble) which wasn’t available before.

What’s really interesting is that Xbox Arcade games usually have a 200 GamerPoint limit, but if you download all of the seven present a total of 1400 can be obtained – 400 more than a full-price game. It’ll cost you though – each game is a rather extortionate 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80) each. To buy all seven would cost £47.50 – almost double the price of what the Wii version sells for. Ouch!

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