Lucky Mothers

Six. That’s the number of new entries in the chart this week. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is the highest ranking at #4, followed by GTA: Chinatown Wars at #6. Then there’s Singstar Queen at #22, Scrabble Interactive 2009 at #27, MadWorld at a not very impressive #34 and MySims Party at #35. Resident Evil 5 continues to hold #1.

Brain Training and Puzzler Collection have both flown up the chart, suggesting that some lucky mums received a DS for Mother’s Day. They’re now at #8 and #12 respectively.

Halo Wars has fallen from #9 to #19 while SOCOM: Confrontation also drops from #11 to #29. Street Fighter IV is on the rise though, from #13 to #7. I finally picked up a copy last week. It’s ace, apart from being chucked back to the character select screen after loosing a fight.

Resistance: Retribution takes #1 in the PSP chart, Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templers goes in at #23 in the Wii chart while Henry Hatsworth doffs his hat at #15 in the DS chart. How very gentlemanly!

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