The games industry needs to get a grip

Change4Life is some sort of scheme dreamt up by the Government and various charities to encourage children to be healthy. This is a good thing.

The entire games industry seems to have taken offence at one particular Change4Life advert, which points out that children who do nothing might die early. This is illustrated by a photo of a child slouching back playing a game of some sort. See it here.

Trade paper MCV has put itself in charge of objecting in the strongest way possible, and complained to the Advertising Standards Authority. Others to have chipped in include industry bodies ELSPA and Tiga; games publishers Codemasters, Konami, Atari and Sega; magazine publisher Future; and Sony is contemplating legal action because the controller looks a bit PlayStation.

MCV’s complaint is on the grounds that the advert is “unrepresentative of the positive effect video games have on the UK’s youth”. Yes, in the same way that alcohol awareness adverts are unrepresentative of the positive social aspects that drinking can have. Because that’s not the point of the sodding advert, obviously.

Christ! Get a grip, people.

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