Monthly Archives: March 2009

Wheelie good news

UK Charts Ubisoft’s gamble to publish The Wheelman has paid off – it skids into #11 in this week’s top 40 chart. It’s also a fitting game to play this time of year as Vin Diesel’s head looks just like an Easter...
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Zelda, now with added steam train

It’s the Game Developers Conference in America’s own San Francisco at the moment, and real websites remembered that King of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, gave a keynote today. It’s all right though, it doesn’t look like much of significance happened. Especially for game...
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Lucky Mothers

Six. That’s the number of new entries in the chart this week. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is the highest ranking at #4, followed by GTA: Chinatown Wars at #6. Then there’s Singstar Queen at #22, Scrabble Interactive 2009 at #27, MadWorld at...
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Fizzy freebies

Coke have opened their wallet, pulled out £25,000, and blown it on Xbox Live points. They’re going to be given away on Xbox Live next week, as part as a ‘Happiness Factory’ promotion on a first come, first served, basis. It does...
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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Rune FactoryIf you give a man a plough and a bag of seeds instead of a loaf of bread he can feed himself for months. Give a man a fishing rod instead of a fish and he can catch his own food. Give a man a copy of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon to review and he’ll wonder where several hours have gone. Not all of it was enjoyable, mind you.

Like the previous Harvest Moon games, tolling away on a patch of raggedy land to create a fertile farm full of fruit and fortune is rewarding. The town has plenty of shops to spend your sweat-covered cash on while the townsfolk themselves are a curious bunch, often mid-conversation as you enter their homes and happy to let you eavesdrop. If watering and sowing crops starts getting laborious then you can also pick up a rod and go fishing.

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Titmouse Games have announced their first videogame – Seven Haunted Seas. I have absolutely no idea what the game is about. I just wanted to bring the fact that there’s a studio called ‘Titmouse Games’ to the world’s attention.
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