There’s no point in PlayStation 3 exclusives

Well that’s a relief: LittleBigPlanet is coming to PSP in 2009. A relief because it’s still the only thing really tempting me to buy a PlayStation 3, so I don’t need to now.

It makes sense though. With neither PSP nor PlayStation 3 exactly flying off the shelves, the best tactic is to throw every successful franchise at every format, and hope that someone notices.

That’s presumably why MotorStorm is also coming to PSP – and indeed PlayStation 2 of all things – in the form of the new MotorStorm Arctic Edge.

If Sony isn’t going to convince someone to buy a PlayStation 3, then selling them a new PlayStation 2 game must be better than nothing.


Jake has been here since the beginning, with hundreds of reviews and countless other guff to his name. These days, not so consistent.

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  • That’s an exceedingly negative way of looking at things. LittleBigPlanet is stunning (especially on 4-player co-op) on a High Def TV. Equally, Motorstorm 2 looks nothing short of beautiful on said television. Split screen 2-player being genuine fun. Finally, MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted (old and new), etc… to name but a few. Maybe they’re not for you but you seem to be typing from an incredibly negative viewpoint. Shame.

  • MS are crap – I had a 360 and it RROD – Why bring games out on a console that doesnt work.

    Needless to say the 360 got flooded in for a ps3 and god was i shocked at how far behind Sony MS really are.

    Once you see the difference in direction and vision – you understand why Sony are so strong and focused on what they are trying to achieve.

    Keep exclusive with PS3 where online gaming is free and the system is robust!


  • I dont see how you can compare the PS3 gaming experience with that of the PSP or PS2… At the moment only big titles are coming out on PS2, i.e. FIFA and Film tie ins such as Quantum of Solace. Motorstorm is a big title, so it should be made for PS2.

    Also, many people with a PS3 who play LBP and Motorstorm will probably buy the PSP version as well, so long as it is a different game and maybe has features that complement your PS3 version, for example your sackboy or your range of unlocked vehicles on Motorstorm can be transferred from PS3 to PSP…

    I am looking forward to being able to play MS and LBP on the move, but it wont get a look in when I’m at home as the full size versions are absolutely awesome!!

  • What a weird set of comments.

    I thought we might have one person with multiple personalities but the IPs are all unique.

    Jake’s being a bit negative about the PS3 (and LBP really is a multiplayer game, I don’t see how you’d get anywhere near the same experience on a PSP), but not a mile off. HD graphics don’t make the games inherently better.

  • ps3 has blue ray !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THATS ALL IT NEEDS not to mention it comes with all sorts of add on that ends up costing you less money then an xbox 360

  • PS3 has blue ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THATS ALL IT NEEDS not to mention it comes with all sorts of add-ons included in the price that ends up costing you less then an xbox 360

  • It’s bizarre that these guys are all PS3 evangelists. The link must have got mentioned on a PS3 forum or something.

  • Blimey, I think I’ve hit a nerve!

    I was hardly trying to be objective – it’s just my thoughts.

    So I’ll say it again: I want to play LBP, but I’m not going to buy a PS3 to play it. Now I’ll be able to play a version on PSP. This is good. I don’t pretend that it’ll be the same, but it’ll do me.

    My more general point is that it makes sense for Sony to push software to as large an audience as possible, given the PS3 user base and the losses they’re making as a company.

  • I love my PS3, my PSP also gets a lot of love when I’m away from home. I have both Motorstorm titles and LBP for the PS3, so now having portable versions of these two titles will be freaking awesome.. so how is this a bad thing for us PS3 & PSP owners? Here is the answer: It isn’t.

    These XBots need to get a life and stop hating on the PS3..

  • Two highest rated exclusive titles of 2008 and already the highest exclusive title of 2009, the only reason i can see for owning a 360 is a few very old games, however most of them are available on PC or PS3.

    so actually there is no reason to own a 360.

  • You NEVER had a Playstation 3 in front of you… The PS3 is amazing… The games are wonderful. Uncharted, Top Spin, Condemned 2, GTA, Assasin Creed. It is fun. You can surf in you living room. You can listen to you music(broadcasted from you pc) or rip it. You can watch movies in HD(transformers is great), … I don’t understand all those people against the PS3… It is a very nice technology. The PS3 updates its software aut… You can look at your pictures. Even search on the expressions… No regrets for me.


  • We’ve definitely hit either a fanboy with a load of proxies or got linked on a PS3 site…

    Jake is pretty much Mr Neutral. I’m amazed people are somehow viewing him as pro or anti anything. Even in the article he says it’s a good thing that he can now play LBP on his PSP…

    As for any “you’ve never played a ***” comments- you might as well throw that argument entirely out of the window.

    I like my PS3 but I can completely understand why someone wouldn’t want to buy one. It’s still over priced (price cut due in March?) and 95% of the games are multiformat titles so it really doesn’t matter if you’re playing them on the PS3 or 360.

    I think, bizarrely and tragically, my most played game of 2008 was FIFA 09. That’s out on every system under the sun, so any console bias is kind of irrelevant. There are only a few system exclusives I’m really interested in.

  • Peacs – your argument works both ways. Pretty much the best two games of last year, GTA 4 and Fallout 3, are available on PC, PS3 and 360.

    I don’t see how this is bad news though. Would 360 gamers somehow be happier if PS3 and PC gamers couldn’t play the same games?

  • Once again there are these comments that the PS3 is overpriced, which is just wrong. Once you add together all the optional extras which are not included as standard on the basic xbox model the price soon starts to mount up. And I don’t care if the xbox live experience is “better” than the PSN, in my opinion should you no way have to pay to play online or use its services, even if it is only 30 quid a year or whatever it is now. But the main thing that gets me, is the huge RROD problem that seems to have affected so many 360s. I sold a 360 to a friend which subsequently died 2 months later. It’s an absolute joke that Microsoft are allowed to get away with producing such shoddy consoles, and the fact that people keep going back for more just baffles me.

  • LBP was one of the games swinging my wallet in favour of a PS3 over an Xbox 360 – however the £300 price tag swung it sharply in the other direction.

    I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t sold my PSP now though, it finally seems to be getting a decent catalogue of games together. I would buy one but the DSi is coming soon and my DS Lite needs a friend to keep it company…

  • Rudy – i’d hardly call Top Spin and Condemned 2 wonderful, plus the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV was a lot smoother than the PS3 one and has Lost & Damned as an exclusive.

    You’ve mostly missed the point though – Jake only wanted a PS3 to play LBP. Now it’s coming to PSP he doesn’t need to buy a PS3 anymore. What’s not to understand?

  • I’m baffled to know where idiots such as Stu are coming from.

    Oh well, Rudy had me sold on the PS3 with “You can look at your pictures.”

    I remember some time last year when a bunch of 360 fanboys came along pissing on my pro-PS3 parade :-/ Whatever viewpoint you have on the internet, there will be some knob who violently disagrees.

  • @Jake – No one gves af uck if u dont have a PS3, if u dont have one yr not a serious game reporter, only an idiot would not own the superior console on the market. there’s no point in YOUR articles.

  • I didn’t realise things had got so bad, that the PlayStation has become the minority owned console and its fans see fit to vehemently defend it constantly.

    It’s like years ago when we were trying to convince people the Dreamcast was ace. Except, it was ace.

    Hardware aside, the PS3 and 360 are totally interchangeable for the most part. They average about one compelling exclusive per year each. If you play one, you’re pretty much playing everything on the other too. Soon it will be like arguing that Dell make better PCs than HP.

  • Well yes, Dell does make the better PCs, but that’s beside the point. The PS3 is infinitely better built than the 360 too, but as long as it’s working, that doesn’t effect the experience either.

  • It’s about the games, kiddies, not the console. Why bother actively voicing your support for a mega-rich international corporation? I just don’t get it.

    But seriously, where did all the kids come from?

  • FIFA 09 is FIFA 09 on the 360 and PS3. Aside from the fact most people I know have the 360 version and I have the PS3 version, thus being unable to play with each other online, there’s little difference…

  • Я конечно в этом не особо разбираюсь, но после вашего поста стал гораздо больше понимать. Респект :)

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