Flash in the pan

Brash Entertainment must be the worst thing to happen to videogames for a long time. After pumping out tat like Jumper, Space Chimps and Alvin and the Chipmunks they went bankrupt, leaving a handful of independent developers up poo creek and ditching several games in the process.

The FlashThese apparently included Saw, Prison Break, Clash of the Titans and a Superman game by Factor 5. It has since emerged that they were also going to be publishing a game based on The Flash, with screens of the canned title appearing on the internet recently (more here and here).

It looks ok, if a bit sterile. But the real casualty is the Superman game, as not only did Factor 5 work on the PlayStation 3-exclusive Lair, but also the decent Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games for the GameCube.

Matt Gander

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