Random blade insertion

Pop-Up Pirate! ranks below even Buckaroo on the scale of incredibly basic childhood games. You insert small plastic swords into slots in a barrel until, by pure chance, you hit the slot that makes the pirate pop out of the barrel this time.

The infant entertainment comes from the pirate popping out of the barrel, not the process of random blade insertion. So a video game version strikes me as remarkably pointless.

But that’s what Tomy Europe has done to launch itself as a video game publisher, and you’ll find it on WiiWare now.

Perhaps it’s genuinely improved in its digital form, but the press release fails to convince me with its talk of a multiplayer mode, a single player challenge against the clock, and the option to play it as your Mii.

But I bet it still isn’t the weakest excuse for a game you can get for the Wii.

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