Who wants to be a Millionheir?

UK Chart

Surprise! Nintendo’s Mystery Case Files: Millionheir makes its mark in the chart at #4, which just goes to show what a spot of TV advertising will do for a game. Left 4 Dead is on the rise from #29 to #15 due to being reduced on the high street (£29.99 at Game if I recall) while SimAnimals arrives at #22 in its second week of release. Wii Fit remains #1.

Rise of the Argonauts and Burnout: The Ultimate Box make no impact in the top 40 but they’re at #13 and #20 in the Xbox 360 chart and #12 and #20 in the PlayStation 3 chart. Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen cuts into the Wii chart at #30 while the Pikmin troop in at #17. Then in the DS chart there’s Chrono Trigger at a respectable and also surprising #10.

Interestingly, or perhaps embarrassingly, no less than 5 of the games in the PlayStation 2 budget chart are Singstar titles. That’s a quarter of the chart!

Matt Gander

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