It’s a Sim lifestyle choice

vampsimSometimes  press releases can be quite amusing. In this case, EA sent a press release for The Sims 3, talking about the game’s limitless options to create any type of Sim you like and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. Quickly followed by a retraction…

The first press release email went something like this…
“At the heart of The Sims, has always been creativity and now with The Sims 3 you can create yourself, an alter ego, a hero, a rock star, a muscular athlete or even a Sim that looks like a vampire! Truly anyone you can imagine – and that is perfectly acceptable in The Sims 3!”

Swiftly followed with a retraction saying…
“Just wanted to clarify that in The Sims 3, you can create any Sim that you can imagine even a Sim that looks like a Vampire but you do not take on a personality or lifestyle of a Vampire. ”

So… presumably the neck biting and blood drinking lifestyle isn’t perfectly acceptable in The Sims 3 then? What about building a castle out of wanky shit, I bet that’s not acceptable either? Pff!

Adam Philbin

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  • It has been delayed 3 months!

    I’ve been playing SimAnimals. It’s not bad…just seems very similar to Viva Pinata, albeit without the charm.

  • I hope it’s got a bit more longevity than The Sims 2, I enjoyed that one for a while but found it got tiresome a bit to quickly. It was such a pain in the ass to get the crack working as well!

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