Two is enough

I must have been faintly aware that LocoRoco 2 was on its way, but its release around these parts in November last year passed me by, as these things have a habit of doing. It wasn’t until the deluge of sales emails hit my inbox that I noticed it.

In short: it’s more of the same. This is a good thing, because the original was very good indeed. It’s my favourite PSP game. In fact, I can’t think of a better game in recent years.

But two is enough. If we get a third LocoRoco, there are two ways it could go. More of the same would be milking the concept, and that milk would start to sour along with people’s opinions of the series – if you’ll pardon the extended metaphor. Alternatively, there could be fundamental changes to the game – but in that case, establish a new series rather than risk the reputation and fond memories of LocoRoco, should the changes not work.

Plus, the PSP needs games of interest very, very badly, so the more people working on new and exciting things – rather than wasting their time on needless sequels – the better.


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  • Have you seen the iPhone game Rolando? It’s a 99% rip-off of Loco Roco’s artwork with similar gameplay. Well, they’ve added some more puzzle elements so it’s not exactly the same game, but it’s still fundamentally cute blobs rolling along the landscape.

    It’s quite a good game actually, but a complete rip-off.

  • World of Goo >= fun

    (World of Goo * Quake) = Quake*Mario*3.14etc

    What I’m trying to say is that World of Goo is an absolutely fantastic game and given a few more levels would be worthy of a £30 price tag (although it’d be unlikely to sell much at that price it’d get more play time than most games of a similar price).

    Oh, and I bought My Horse & Me last week. £5 from Sainsbury’s, absolute bargain! My Horse & Mii would be a cooler game though :(

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