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UK Chart

Let’s start at the bottom of this week’s chart and work our way up, like they do on the singles chart on the radio. At #40 this week it’s a re-entry for Saints Row 2, then another re-entry for Left 4 Dead at #37. Lara is on a slippery slope down dropping from #14 to #27 while Mirror’s Edge has also fallen from #16 to #23. The year old Call of Duty 4 is back on the rise though, up from #38 to #21.

Moving into the top 20 now, we have 100 Classic Book Collection up from #27 to #17, Far Cry 2 has fallen from #7 to #12, while Lego Indiana Jones has gone from #17 to #9. Wii Fit is back up from #20 to #4, and the top three remains unchanged on last week: Need for Speed Undercover, Call of Duty: World at War and FIFA 09.

Matt Gander

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