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I’ve mentioned TrueAchievements before, but since then the site has had a clean and tidy up and had new bits added. If you haven’t been there, the site works out your true Xbox 360 Gamerscore based on how rare your acquired achievements are and how hard they actually are to obtain.

You can also see your best achievements – mine are for finishing Lost and Ninja Gaiden II. Going by the stats on the site only 30 percent of people who own Ninja Gaiden II managed to get this achievement. So in other words, not many people bothered to finish it.

The rarest and hardest achievement of all time might surprise you – it’s currently for completing all the championships in Sega’s World Snooker Championship, which only two people have managed to do so far. Rayman Raving Rabbids also has a rare one, although it doesn’t sound all that hard – you just have to unlock all of the movies. Again, only two people have achieved this. It’s worth 100 Gamerpoints but the site rates it at a whooping 1914 due to its rarity. Other high rankers include Tiger Woods 06 and RPG The Last Remnant.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘easiest achievement ever’ – gained by simply pressing the start button on The Simpsons Game – isn’t worth a jot.

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  • 56 tracked gamers have My Horse and Me 2 – looks like people have been playing it just to boost their score, as most have unlocked all of the achievements.

    Now that’s sad!

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