Five things that annoy me about the Xbox 360

The title explains it all, really, here are five things that annoy me about my 360. Firstly…

The inconsistent stupidness of it all. The 360 can play DivX when I share my media through the cumbersome Windows Media Player, but the nice Windows Media Centre interface won’t play DivX at all. This is stupid. I like WMC, it updates everything and displays it all very nicely. Mind you, I mainly use my PS3 for media sharing because…

It’s louder then Brian Blessed. Seriously, Microsoft, sort it out.  When a disc isn’t in the drive the fans are already loud enough, but put a disc in and the 360 sounds like it’s about to take off. Mind you, sometimes I like hearing that noise because…

My console is broken. I didn’t do it. It’s been broken from day one. I’ve not had the dreaded three red rings, but my console is broken in much stupider ways.  Sometimes it forgets that it’s a 360 at all and displays a message asking me to put my disc in an Xbox 360 console. Which is stupid. This is what happens when you drive down costs, your product becomes about as reliable as women. Or maybe the problem is simply…

A lack of thought. Even after the new update navigating the marketplace is much harder than it should be. A simple example is the bad categorisation. If something is a shooter and an arcade game, put it in both categories. Because of the way things are categorised it can be hard to find things. Surely this can’t be too hard to implement and just shows a lack of planning. Why is Geometry Wars in the Action/Adventure category and not the shooter one? WHY? I downloaded Ikaruga the other day and it took me forever to find. I only wanted to play online co-op. Which leads into my last complaint…

Make Live free. I know Live is one of the only profitable bits of Xbox, but it needs to be free. I don’t play online a lot, only a couple of games of Team Fortress and a few games of FIFA a month, and yet I have to pay to play. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and ends up skewing the online demographic into the hardcore/obsessive gamer territory. If Live was free, everyone would be able to participate. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the fact that people have to pay for Live is a barrier that stops people messing up the system. If people have to pay, maybe they’ll be more fearful of being banned.

So, in conclusion, I love my Xbox and I’m off to play Eternal Sonata which is literally the most beautiful thing ever.


Richard is one of those human males they have nowadays. He has never completed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES and this fact haunts him to this day.

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  • 5 more reason that annoys me:
    1}pay 99 dollar for wifi,hard drive.
    2}it takes 2 months for red flashing light to get repaired by microsoft service texas branch
    3}huge power brick
    4}no charger like ps3 controller(pay extra for charger)
    5}after paying for live still lags and disconnects.

  • Although I agree with some things getting live for free would be stupid. It wouldn’t be cost affective and Sony have already offered free online gaming only to discover that supplying such a great service for free is near impossible. Live is a great service and not at all expensive at £40 a year. It delivers a great service and is so much more reliable than Sonys online ventures.

    Also for the noise…. upload your games you play frequently to the hard drive. That’s what i have done and it is so much quieter. I agree the PS3 is far quieter but to be honest if you upload your games the volume of the game itself will drown out the low hum of the fans.

    I think the best way to stop moaning is to get a PS3 and XBox 360 and just enjoy this generation of gaming and stop picking faults at whats wrong and instead enjoy what is right!

  • I’d agree that it’s a noisy old beast – you can hear it in the next room, and that’s when the door is closed!

    I’ve had the red ring of death too, but it only took a week or so to fix. My N64 had to go away at one point too, although that was many years ago.

  • After the fanboy rubbish has settled. Look at the price, one cost £100 and the other cost £300. To behonest I like the extra £200 in my pocket and a few problems.

  • That’s a bit incorrect Chris.

    The Xbox 360 Elite is £230, the 80Gb PS3 is £300.

    The cheapest Xbox is £130, and that’s the arcade one without a hard drive or a bunch of other things. You wouldn’t compare that directly to the 80Gb PS3. And when comparing it to the lower-end PS3, you have to then also figure in the additional costs of an external hard drive, WiFi adapter, and Xbox Live membership.

    With all the “extra costs” an Xbox can easily cost as much as if not more than a PS3.

    Though that said, online gaming on Xbox Live is better integrated than on the PS3 at the moment.

  • I’m going based on the actual RRPs as stated on

    Whatever sale prices you mention are irrelevant. By that logic I could say a PlayStation 3 costs £180 because that’s what it costs in Hong Kong…

  • Good point about the power brick. It’s awful.

    Also: spike, that’s what the last sentence was about.

  • It’s fair enough to point out something’s flaws. If this was a car we were talking about, rather than a games machine, quite a lot of people might be up in arms if “all Microsoft cars have terminal engine failure and will, at some random point in time, blow up”.

    I realise 5-10 years ago people made that exact same analogy with Windows and its Blue Screen of Death, but the point still stands. Turning a blind eye to critical product design flaws is ludicrous and benefits no one, except perhaps Microsoft’s shareholders.

  • Quick note – as we transferred the site’s servers yesterday (the DNS change takes about 24 hours) some people are still seeing the ‘old’ version of the site. A few people are commenting on this same story on the old server… but their comments are lost in a strange parallel universe.

  • I complained about the the wireless network adaptor – both that it’s not included, and the price of it. But that’s lost in the parallel universe now.

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