It’s Christmas? You wouldn’t know it around here

This Week’s Games

Without a hint of exaggeration, there are 101 games out this week. 101 in 1 Explosive Megamix for DS to be precise. It’s £17.99 on and by clicking on the link you can see a little video of it. The puzzle games seem all right, but the action games appear to have as much depth as a Nintendo Game & Watch.

There are only two other games out this week, which is pretty pitiful seeing as there are still two weeks to go to Christmas. Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness is one of them, Family Party on Wii is the other. The latter has over 30 games on it, and going by the boxart, one of them involves sawing wood. Excellent!

Next week: Sonic Unleashed on PlayStation 3 and Rock Band: AC/DC Live.

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