Monthly Archives: December 2008

Test your success

I’ve mentioned TrueAchievements before, but since then the site has had a clean and tidy up and had new bits added. If you haven’t been there, the site works out your true Xbox 360 Gamerscore based on how rare your acquired achievements...
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Dungeon Maker

Back when my PC wasn’t so elderly and I could be bothered to mess around with video drivers and all that guff, Bullfrog’s Dungeon Keeper was a game that I clocked up plenty of hours on. You had to build a dungeon to attract monsters, who would then fight for you when the pesky humans came knocking. There was resource management to deal with and also a wicked black sense of humour – whoever knew that vampires enjoyed smearing faecal matter on people’s door handles? Sadly, Dungeon Maker – or Master of the Monster Lair, as it’s known in the US – is nowhere near as amusing.

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Colour Cross

If this review was for a printed magazine, it would probably end up in the round-up section along with half a dozen others spread over a couple of pages. Not because Colour Cross is a bad game, but because there isn’t much...
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