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This Week’s Games

After a chaotic few weeks, the new releases are starting to slow down a tad. Sonic Unleashed is the most high profile, the PlayStation 2 version of which is a stupidly cheap £12.89 at, but Lord knows if it’s any good. Sega said that it isn’t being released in Japan, which is worrying.

Sam & Max on Wii is well worth a look if you enjoyed the Strong Bad games and point and click adventures in general, while I’m guessing that Resistance 2 is a lot like the original only better. There’s also You’re in the Movies (with Live Vision Camera) for Xbox 360 and the hilariously titled* Jeep Thrills for PlayStation 2. And look – there’s a new Hello Kitty game!

Next week: We’re all going to be Tom Nook’s bitch. Again.

* Not really

Matt Gander

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  • Fable 2 is half price at Gamestation this weekend too, should someone be interested in such a thing.

    If I’d played the Xbox original yet (I bought it years ago), then I’d probably take advantage.

  • I finished Fable II in the week. It’s good but pretty easy as you can’t die – you just loose any experience orbs that are nearby.

    Unlocking the achievements is quite fun – you get them for being vulgar in public, having two wives, starting a drunk party, taking more than one woman back to bed with you, etc.

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