Wii Fit more memorable than new lubricant

The Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey is definitely as interesting as it sounds. It tells us today that Americans can remember fewer new things this year because of the economic shit storm and the presidential election.

Moreover, it tells us that Wii Fit is the most memorable new product launch of 2008. It beat the iPod Touch into second place, but it’s the other top products that I’m interested in, providing as they do a fascinating insight into the American market.

Third is fruity low calorie Bud Light Lime, which sums up the very alien to me North American attitude to beer.

At four: McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Biscuit & Sandwich, which I just don’t understand. Other threatening foodstuffs among the top rankers were Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers, Burger King Apple Fries and Kraft Bagel-fuls.

Sixth on the list was KY Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant – not something I would have expected to see. It’s encouraging, at least, that Wii Fit was more memorable. Rock Band, however, was joint eighth, and thus less memorable than the new lubricant.

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