R-Type Tactics

Remember R-Type Final? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t really the final attempt by the Bydo Empire to wipe out mankind, as the existence of this PSP-exclusive proves. Rather than being a 2D shooter though – which would suit the PSP’s elongated screen rather nicely – it’s a hex and turn-based affair, a bit like Advance Wars. If Advance Wars was hex based. Which it isn’t.

First impressions are that this isn’t exactly a big budget affair, with dull menus and a lack of visual polish – for most of the game you’re forced to squint at tiny 2D sprites. The loading times are pretty annoying too, appearing every time one of the non-interactive 3D battle animations pop up. It’s pretty involving though – not only do you control the movement of each craft in your fleet, which includes a carrier where ships can refuel, but also what attacks they use when up-close to enemy craft. New ships can be researched while surviving pilots increase in skill. The force power-up also makes an appearance and can be attached to ships to improve their stats.

It’s a radical departure for the series, certainly, but it fits in with the R-Type universe quite nicely and proves to be quite time consuming, requiring both patience and planning.

Matt Gander

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