Highly Magnificent Value

HMV recently said that they want to focus on game sales in the future, but just rather than increase the number of cardboard stand-outs in the doorway, some stores have started selling pre-owned titles.

Not a great surprise, seeing as there’s a lot of profit to be made, but what is surprising is that they are currently offering some jolly nice prices. For instance: Gamestation will only give you £6 for GTA IV, whereas HMV will give you £20 – for the mathematically challenged, that’s a whole £14 more. Call of Duty 4 will bag you £18.

Whether they’ll keep offering decent prices is unknown – it might just be to get the ball rolling. If they don’t turn into super skanks like Game (£5 for Haze? Bloody 20p for Perfect Dark Zero? No thanks), then they can have my custom any day.

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