The F word

UK Chart

It would seem that if you want a game to get into the top 10 this season, it has to start with the letter F. Fallout 3 goes in at #1, followed by FIFA 09 at #2. Fable II has dropped from #1 to #4, while Far Cry 2 has gone from #2 to #6. Quantum of Solace, which doesn’t start with an F, arrives at #7. It’s the PlayStation 3 version that’s shifting the most copies currently.

Manhunt 2 has failed to enter the top 40 at all – which must be a first for a Rockstar game – and neither does Crash: Mind Over Mutant. There are plenty of other new arrivals though – MySims Kingdom at #25, More Touchmaster at #28, High School Musical at #29 and Monopoly at #33.

Atari’s Legendary goes in at #24 in the Xbox 360 chart, which isn’t exactly a legendary start. But then again, the reviews haven’t been legendary either.

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