Spidey looses his swing

UK Chart

Last week was definitely a good one for new releases, with no less than four new entries in the top 10 chart. Fable II takes #1, followed by Far Cry 2 at #2. EA’s apparently very good but not that scary Dead Space arrives at #6, with Midnight Club: Los Angeles at #10.

There are two other new arrivals too: Moto GP 08 – which Capcom now has the license for – at #32 and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows at #38. Monopoly makes an appearance at #25 in the Xbox 360 chart, Star Ocean at #10 in the PSP chart and Celebrity Sports Showdown – which I didn’t even know was out yet – at #41 in the Wii chart.

The DS chart is just too painful to go into in great detail, but in a nutshell, DS owners really like animals.

Matt Gander

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