Nintendo loves girls

The Women’s Conference sounds like a smashing event. Nintendo will be there, patronising all 14,000 of them with the likes of Wii Fit, Wii Music and Personal Trainer: Cooking. Games less likely to be shown to the fairer sex include anything with sport or a gun in it because, you know, they don’t like that sort of thing. Speakers at the event will include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleezza Rice and Bono. The first person to throw a Wii Remote at Bono wins my undying adulation.

In other female news, indiscriminate marketing tool and occasional pop group Girls Aloud will be among the celebrities featuring in Nintendo’s next advertising campaign. They’ll be playing on the DS while relaxing at ‘home’. Brain Training gets a couple of genuinely respected actors behind it, in the form of Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters, as well as Ronan ‘Bloody’ Keating. He and his family will also get up to some multiplayer shenanigans, as will Redknapps Harry, Jamie and Louise. Leaving the worst till last, Fern Britton will appear with husband and chef Phil Vickery using a cooking title.

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