Bricking it

UK Chart

Last week not one but two NBA games were released. It’s slightly interesting to see that in the Xbox 360 chart Take 2’s NBA 2K9 has outsold EA’s NBA Live 09, whereas in the PlayStation 3 chart it’s the other way around. And by the word interesting, I mean not very interesting. At all.

You might be surprised though to learn that the PlayStation 2 version of Lego Batman has outsold the Wii one. It’s the Xbox 360 version that’s the most popular, however, and only in the DS chart does it manage to outsell FIFA 09 – which is still this week’s #1. Batman has to settle for #2, while Fracture fails to enter the top 40 at all.

Grand Theft Auto IV is back on the rise, up from #25 to #14, while Pure has fallen from #9 to #23. The arrival of Lego Batman has also had an effect on Lego Indiana Jones, which drops from #15 to #24.

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