Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

This Week’s Games

Lego Batman is this week’s big game, available on all formats. Game are giving away a free keyring (a Lego Batman, unsurprisingly), with the PSP and PlayStation 2 versions available for a nice £19.99 each. Anybody want to guess what the next Lego game will be? I would say Harry Potter or Spiderman but other publishers already own those rights. Lego Transformers would be very cool…

There isn’t a great deal else out. Fracture has been getting some very mixed reviews, while Korg: DS-10 isn’t an actual game as such – it’s a music making thing. NBA Live 09 and NBA 2K9 are both out though, thus proving that publishers are idiots. Then again, there’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition.

Next week: Pro Evo Soccer 2009, Saints Row 2, Golden Axe: Beast Riders and a late appearance for Bioshock on PlayStation 3.

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