Remember to chew

Are you a PC MMO player that can’t be bothered to pop down to Tesco for food supplies for your 48 hour intense leveling-up sessions? Well here’s news for you, lardy – you’re going to die a sad and lonely life. But you probably knew this already, so here’s some real news – Biosilo Foods are about to launch Gamer Grub, a range of snacks pots that you can devour without making your fingers and keyboard messy.

Although the snacks contain a boat load of vitamins, the contents don’t sound particularly healthy. The Sports PB&J pot, for instance, contains peanuts, peanut butter chips, strawberry jelly chips and bread cubes. Ideal for a sugar rush, maybe, but not as a meal replacement. The Racing Wasabi pot sounds a tad more healthy – wasabi soy almonds and peanuts, wasabi peas, honey mustard sesame sticks and pita chips. The other two are Action Pizza and Strategy Chocolate. Which contains loads of chocolate.

Obesity beckons.

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