Fable II: The Heavily Trimmed Collector’s Edition

Game have been emailing those who have pre-ordered the Fable II Collector’s Edition warning that nearly all of the proposed goodies have been dropped due to a “supply chain issue”.

The Hobbe figurine and a set of five postcards were the first items to be removed around a week ago, but now the soundtrack and developer’s diary have also been taken out. So now fans are just left with a ‘Making of’ DVD and some exclusive stuff they can download from LIVE including an extra dungeon and a few rare weapons. Lionhead have promised though that the music they wanted to put on the soundtrack CD will soon be available to download online.

In the US this collector’s edition has had its price cut from $80 to $70, but it’s not clear if the price will also be cut in the UK. It bloody well should be, unless Microsoft want Watchdog on their arse.

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