How many missing people called Maddie are there?

As you may have read (or seen) elsewhere, Bungie aren’t ditching Halo just yet and yesterday released a teaser trailer for what looks like a new Halo 3 campaign.

Around half way through the video some garbled text appears and if you watch without blinking the words ‘MADDIE, WHERE ARE YOU?’ flash up for a second or so. As far as anyone is aware, there are no characters in the Halo universe named Maddie, which has lead many to assume that it refers to missing five year-old Madeleine McCann. Personally I see it as a joke at the missing child’s expense – as there is no other way to explain it – and thus completely in poor taste.

Bungie has responded, calling it “an unfortunate coincidence” and pointing out that: “As always, all of the characters in our games are fictional. Any similarities between real life and the characters in our games are purely coincidental.”

Yeah, bollocks.

Matt Gander

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  • The fact that you think Bungie would include this at the girl’s, and her family’s, expense is ludicrous. No one likes reading pieces with such subjective remarks as yours, which is only beneficial in furthering the negative.

    You should be ashamed.

  • Ahh – so you personally have all of the information on the forthcoming Halo titles, right down to a list of characters and a full back story?

    ‘There is no other way to explain it’ – sheesh, listen to yourself. ‘Gaming Gibberish’ has proved to be surprisngly accurate this time around..

  • That was confusing. Matt was insulting Matt! Get that Matt on Matt action.

    It is totally likely this is about a new character in the series rather than McCann. I’m not sure Matt genuinely thought otherwise and wasn’t taking the piss… but for Bungie not to bother fact checking is fucking ludicrous, surely they know someone who has the slightest grasp of European news.

    But then, didn’t Nintendo release the DS in Europe on the first anniversary of the Madrid bombings? I don’t think anyone in these companies bothers to check.

  • But Bungie must have known that there was a child called Maddie missing – the press have been extensively covering her disappearance for well over a year…

    If it isn’t a “joke” then why didn’t anybody at Bungie say “hey, we better not include this hidden message as somebody might think we’re talking about Maddie McCann”?

  • Oh yes, and as per the article title — isn’t the girl in ‘Gone Baby Gone’ called Maddie too?

    So that makes three missing people called Maddie!

    But they actually delayed the UK release of Gone Baby Gone to avoid the controversy surrounding the McCanns at the time. Of course, Gone Baby Gone is a vaguely important Hollywood movie that many people will have heard of, whereas Halo is a little first person shooter for Xbox fanboys, so most of the world’s population couldn’t give two shits about that.

  • Matt – Americans don’t know shit about news or the world outside of the USA. They’d have trouble finding Europe on a map.

  • MAtt – So when a game involves a victim are you saying that they should check to make sure it cannot be linked to a real life victim, oh what a idiot you are.

  • Dave – Maddie isn’t a very common name, it’s and even more of a coincidence that there’s a girl called MADDIE who has been MISSING for over a year.

    If the message said “DAVE WHERE ARE YOU?” I wouldn’t give a shit.

  • Dave — well, the film industry would normally bother to check, and when it doesn’t, controversy would ensue (see Gone Baby Gone).

    I suppose you’re right in regards to the game industry, cause as we all know, games are mostly just played by aggressive American teenagers, and the world at large and mainstream industry rightly doesn’t give them enough respect to care what messages they contain.

    Or at least, that’s the case with Halo. It’s probably better to liken it to an 80s Jean-Claude Van Dam B-Movie than any thing with any credibility. Or something with Hulk Hogan.

  • Chief refers to Linda (another Spartan) in one of the hallo books as maddie accidentally, this isn’t a reference to the fucking girl, jesus.

    Your ignorance has turned into stupidity, well done.

  • Matt, you might be mental. Clearly the UK was the only place that bothered to cover the story in sick detail. I’m sure the American’s have never heard of her. American’s don’t read the sun. Good on them.

  • Adam, Gone Baby Gone was written and filmed before Madeleine McCann was abducted so its more of an unfortunate coincidence than neglect by the film industry.

  • Lets face it everyone still cares about this missing girl and the tabloids in the uk will jump on anything related to it and blow it out of proportion as they always do and letsface it they killed there own daughter.

  • Skunkfish, I wasn’t saying Gone Baby Gone having a Maddie was neglect to research… it wouldn’t have been anyway, because they did delay the UK release specifically because of the coincidence, so clearly they knew about it and tried to do something by releasing it at a more appropriate time.

    Though I think Matt’s either deliberately working things up with a hint of piss taking (in which case, good on him), or he’s turned a bit mental, in which case… *nnuuuhhhgggaahh*

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