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This Week’s Games

Can you stomach yet another war game? Ubisoft hopes so – Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and Brothers in Arms: Double Time for Wii are both out today. Hell’s Highway has been getting a lot of 7s and 8s in the press and is apparently a bit on the gory side. Double Time is a bit of a mystery but it looks like it contains levels from Earned in Blood and Road to Hill 30. I could be wrong though.

Wario Land: Shake Dimension is also out on Wii. The animation has been handled by a Japanese anime company, so it looks rather special, but the gameplay is said to be a bit on the shallow side. Still, it’s nice to see a new 2D platformer in 2008. De Blob looks like a better one to go for, with some incredibly positive reviews behind it. Samba De Amigo is out as well. You can even get some fake maraca bits to clip onto your Wii controller to go with it. Cha cha cha!

The PlayStation 3 is swarming with racing games, with four making it out into stores – Pure, SBK: 08, Baja Racing and G1 Jockey 4. Bioware’s RPG Sonic Chronicles has sneaked out on DS, as has Sim City Creator, while the PSP gets R-Type Tactics.

Next week: FIFA 09, Zubo, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials And Tribulations.

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  • Wipeout HD was out yesterday on the PSN Store too. Best game for £11.99 ever!

    I genuinely can’t wait to get my mitts on FIFA 09 soon too. What a shit I’ve become. But hey, it’s genuinely pretty damn good this year!

  • Yeh I thought the demo was great, definitely shows FIFA 09 will be the best football game on the market. Lovely graphics and much faster and more fluid animation.

  • Eurogamer just reviewed FIFA 09. A reasonable 8/10.

    My copy’s winging its way over to Hong Kong now. Hope it gets here quickly! I don’t quite know why, but this my most anticipated game.

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