EA – exceptionally arrogant

To promote today’s release of Mercenaries 2: World In Flames, EA attempted to recreate scenes of a fuel crisis in Venezuela, as found in the game, but in North London. Hands up who thinks that’s a good idea. The only people to put their hands up are in EA’s marketing department. And they’re all idiots. Clearly.

So what happened? Well, a few people got some free fuel. Meanwhile, queues of cars waiting to try to get some free fuel stopped local residents from being able to get out of their drives, and generally created traffic chaos. This presumably made people late for work, some of whom will have got in trouble for as much, and potentially lost out on pay.

If I’d been delayed because of this stupid marketing stunt – which to my mind only puts EA in a bad light – I’d be making my way to EA’s Guildford office right about now to park across their car park exit, to make sure none of them can get home this evening. The absolute cretins.

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