Fuck you, WWE!

Apologies for the harsh language there, but you may (or may not) have noticed that Games Asylum’s YouTube page has been permanently disabled.

Occasionally we’d get the odd e-mail from EA and other publishers via YouTube claiming copyright on videos that we uploaded, but they didn’t mind us uploading them. And why would they? We’re giving their games publicity for free. Heck, the press are always sending us links to videogame trailers so that we can potentially feature them on this site.

But earlier this week a year old video of the WWE Vs Smackdown trailer was removed, because the WWE claimed full ownership and copyright violation. Today I received a message stating that the Game Asylum account has been disabled, thus losing everything that was uploaded – over 300 videos, including some personally taken in Tokyo.

Last time I checked the channel had over 3 million video views. Obviously YouTube aren’t bothered about the loss.

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