Three more cheers for the Overlord

Codemasters’ Overlord was one of last year’s hidden gems and recently found a new lease of life on PlayStation 3. Sale figures must have pleased Codemasters, as not only is there going to be a sequel, but versions for Wii and DS too.

The Wii is getting Overlord Dark Legend. It’s a brand new game, not a port of the original, and from the sound of things the controller is going to be fully embraced. According to the interview on IGN, you’ll be able to pick up a single minion, shake and then lob him into the distance like a missile.

Climax are doing the DS version, entitled Overlord Minions, which focuses on just four controllable minions rather than a whole hoard – Giblet, Blaze, Stench and Zap. It looks brighter-coloured than the rest, and possibly might be aimed at the younger market.

The proper sequel – Overlord II – is on its way to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. This time round the minions can ride mounts such as wild wolves, sail across seas and use war machines. The Overlord you control is a new fellow out to battle a Roman-inspired army in new environments such as an icy wasteland with Yetis and evil seals. More of the same? Probably. I just hope they do something about the dull dungeon sections that dragged the first game down.

Matt Gander

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